Saturday, November 21, 2015

Here is a poem I wrote over the summer in response to the song Everyone's Got Something by Perrin Lamb:


Everyone's Got Something

Everyone’s got something.
Something no one else can see or feel.
You hide yours deep within,
for what?
Fear of defeat?

Something will release the senses
beyond reason and you’ll win;
if you allow another to know your something.

Permit the cloak to fall off
so you can be seen.
For the freedom of passion,
let yourself be seen.

Everyone’s got something.
Guide me to yours.

Welcome the unknown that frightens and
deters you from loving indefinitely.
Damage may be inevitable; but for the
satisfaction of knowing you tried,
                                allow yourself to be felt.

Everyone’s got something.
Let me be the one to know yours,
                and you can have mine.


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