Saturday, November 7, 2015

Back in June I wrote a post called Contemplating Life, and this week I want to revisit it. In that post I wrote of how I was unsure of what I wanted to do for a career. I had been debating between editing and publishing. I also wrote of how I, as the assistant editor of a book campus publishes, was only at the editing stage and decided I didn't like it. I was hoping the publishing side of it would be better. Well, I was right. To a point.

After all the edits were complete, I was doing more of the project coordinator duties. So, I didn't get to see the physical publishing of the book (and hopefully I can do that in the future). But I discovered a job that I didn't know I wanted to do. I enjoyed every bit of organizing the project, keeping everyone on track, the finished product, and organizing the reception we threw this past week to honor the student authors. Being a project coordinator/assistant editor gave my presence purpose and direction. That is something I didn't know I would discover through this position, and I'm glad I did!

It makes total sense, too. For about seven years I assisted a fellow teacher, who I became close with, at the dance studio in her classes. I helped keep my best friend on track with what class she was teaching when, what the choreography was from last time, and kept the students focused and respectful. I loved every second of it! I have always enjoyed organizing and assisting other people. Weirdly enough, being an assistant is just as fulfilling, to me, as being the head honcho.

So, who knows where I'll end up. But I'm excited to find out! Only three semesters left until my bachelor's degree, two (or three?) years of grad school until my master's, and then it's the real world.

Bring it on life! I'm ready for ya (:

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