Saturday, November 21, 2015

Here is a poem I wrote over the summer in response to the song Everyone's Got Something by Perrin Lamb:


Everyone's Got Something

Everyone’s got something.
Something no one else can see or feel.
You hide yours deep within,
for what?
Fear of defeat?

Something will release the senses
beyond reason and you’ll win;
if you allow another to know your something.

Permit the cloak to fall off
so you can be seen.
For the freedom of passion,
let yourself be seen.

Everyone’s got something.
Guide me to yours.

Welcome the unknown that frightens and
deters you from loving indefinitely.
Damage may be inevitable; but for the
satisfaction of knowing you tried,
                                allow yourself to be felt.

Everyone’s got something.
Let me be the one to know yours,
                and you can have mine.


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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Saturday, November 14, 2015

This is a post I never imagined I would write. Since losing my beautiful mother one year ago I have been channeling my grief through my writing, and I this is the one time I can't channel it the way I want to. There is no possible way for me to describe what this last year has been like for me. So, after dozens of rewrites (and I'm not exaggerating; I literally rewrote this post dozens of times) this is what I have come up with: a song I imagine she sings to me now, and a small selection of pictures.


My loving boyfriend snapped this picture of me at
Momma's grave without my knowledge.

You can read the story of the last time I saw Momma here.

Momma, I'm sure you're enjoying every bit of your time up there. But there are no words for how dearly you are missed down here. Your voice. Your handwriting. Your advice. Even your jumbled up texts we had to decode. Every flaw and perfection is missed. I love you Momma. Enjoy Heaven.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Back in June I wrote a post called Contemplating Life, and this week I want to revisit it. In that post I wrote of how I was unsure of what I wanted to do for a career. I had been debating between editing and publishing. I also wrote of how I, as the assistant editor of a book campus publishes, was only at the editing stage and decided I didn't like it. I was hoping the publishing side of it would be better. Well, I was right. To a point.

After all the edits were complete, I was doing more of the project coordinator duties. So, I didn't get to see the physical publishing of the book (and hopefully I can do that in the future). But I discovered a job that I didn't know I wanted to do. I enjoyed every bit of organizing the project, keeping everyone on track, the finished product, and organizing the reception we threw this past week to honor the student authors. Being a project coordinator/assistant editor gave my presence purpose and direction. That is something I didn't know I would discover through this position, and I'm glad I did!

It makes total sense, too. For about seven years I assisted a fellow teacher, who I became close with, at the dance studio in her classes. I helped keep my best friend on track with what class she was teaching when, what the choreography was from last time, and kept the students focused and respectful. I loved every second of it! I have always enjoyed organizing and assisting other people. Weirdly enough, being an assistant is just as fulfilling, to me, as being the head honcho.

So, who knows where I'll end up. But I'm excited to find out! Only three semesters left until my bachelor's degree, two (or three?) years of grad school until my master's, and then it's the real world.

Bring it on life! I'm ready for ya (:

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