Saturday, October 17, 2015

Twenty-Two Birthdays

October 15th, 1993. Twenty-two years. Twenty-two birthdays. In that time, I have learned a few things. I still have much more to learn, but I've learned some valuable life lessons. So, in honor of my twenty-second birthday, I decided to share twenty-two things I have learned.
  1. Life is hard, but it has to be in order to appreciate the good/easy things.
  2. Love is not always enough. You've gotta put in the effort for someone you love.
  3. Love is worth the effort.
  4. Doing what makes you happy should be a main priority.
  5. Making little money at a job you love is better than making a lot of money at a job you hate.
  6. Pizza, chicken strips, and fries are an unavoidable weakness.
  7. It's actually okay to speak your mind. 
  8. Being skinny is different than being healthy. Choose the healthy option.
  9. It's really hard to be healthy in today's society.
  10. Life goes on. Whether or not you want it to.
  11. Failure is inevitable, and that's okay.
  12. Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes confident.
  13. Friends come and go. So do boys.
  14. Dreams and plans change. A lot.
  15.  Nothing lasts forever.
  16. Alcohol is not as huge of a deal as it seems when growing up.
  17. Adults don't always know what they're doing. So you don't have to either.
  18. It actually is harder to remember stuff the older you get. At least it is for me.
  19. There is literally a world of opportunity out there to experience.
  20. It's okay to have more than area of interest. It's a great thing to be well-rounded.
  21. It gets harder to find time for leisurely activities, like reading, as you get older.
  22. Being exactly who you are is a thousand times better than being anyone else.

There you have it! Twenty-two things I have learned in my twenty-two years. There is so much more I've learned, but that could be a novel in itself. 

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