Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sharing My Fiction

It's been a while since I shared some of my writings with you guys. I want to share a piece of flash fiction I have written that I'm debating turning into a short story. Let me know what you think!


Cab Drive

That September morning started out as the majority of others do in New York. Grande Dark Mocha at 8:00 am, and I reading the manuscript for the autobiography of John Graham, a CEO, I was to be meeting at 9:00. Even though I’ve read it almost a hundred times, I had to refresh my memory. I remember thinking, I don’t want to upset him, like the other publishers who turned him down. I want him to know he’s important to us. All I was going to do was a final fact check with him before I approved it to be published. If I got that done while maintaining this client’s trust, my day would have been successful. 

8:20 am; I picked up where I left off in the chapter on his family history as my cab was stuck in traffic. I could hear the multi-linguistic insults echoing the honks of too many cars. We drove one block every five minutes. I could see the time passing too fast for how slow traffic would allow. My mocha was lukewarm by then, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was going to be late. I don’t want John to think I’m standing him up at our meeting.

8:30 am; I had reached the end of his family history chapter and was moving on to learn about how he had come to work in worldwide trades. Little did either of us know, that business was about to take a drastic hit. My mocha was gone, and more profanity was sounding from the ornery drivers trying to get to work without being too late. I was beginning to be worried I wasn’t going to make it, I still had another fifteen minutes until our meeting and I was almost 4 blocks away. It’s not like I can get out and walk. I’m in my good heels, and I can’t read and walk at the same time in this city.
8:40 am; I was still nowhere near the south tower I was supposed to already have been walking in to. I start getting worried that John is going to cancel and go to Penguin Publishing Company. Besides, they were his first choice, but we just happened to be closest to his office. I’m glad he stayed with us; this autobiography will be one my best to have ever published. Maybe now I’ll get that partnership. If I ever get—

The cab stopped. The driver slammed the breaks and I saw a man in a suit and tie, carrying a briefcase, running across the street. Our cab almost hit him! The man had stopped and stared at me; we made eye contact for that quick second before he continued running. Huh, he must be running late too. 

8:45 am: I watched him run away and then stop dead in his tracks looking up. “What is he looking at?” I peer out the window at the sky that was becoming oddly dark.
That plane looks way too low…


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