Saturday, October 10, 2015

Homemade Meat Sauce & Sauteed Red Potatoes: College Kid Style

Today I want to share another one of my favorite recipes on a college budget: homemade(ish) meat sauce and sauteed red potatoes. Delicious!

I'm one of the biggest pasta fans you will ever meet. So I have a ton of meals that involve pasta. This meal is simple, tasty, and cheap!

Remember: I do not do measurements. I eyeball everything and add what ever I think will taste good. So use your best judgement and have some fun cooking dinner! Also, I buy the Great Value (or cheapest version) of all ingredients because I'm on a college student budget.

Pasta (of your choice)
Marinara sauce (I usually get the Great Value Traditional Marinara)
Ground beef (however much you want to have)
Basil and Oregano spices (again, Great Value brand is actually "great")
Red Potatoes
Olive Oil

First, you will want to chunk your potatoes however big you want them to be. Just keep in mind the bigger the potatoes the longer they'll take to saute. Once the potatoes are cut, you'll want to add them to a heated frying pan and add enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Top the potatoes with a spoonful of butter and some basil and oregano spices.

Leave the potatoes to fry until the bottoms are brown and crispy, then flip and repeat on the other side. Be sure to stir the potatoes around so they cook evenly. This will take a long time depending on the size/thickness of the potatoes, so this process will happen while browning beef and boiling pasta (below).

While the potatoes are frying, bring salt water for pasta to a boil and add however much olive oil to the water as you desire. This is to keep the pasta from sticking to itself and for some flavor. Add the pasta and boil until soft enough to cut with a fork easily.

While boiling pasta, in a sauce pan pour the marinara sauce and add basil and oregano spices. Do not heat sauce yet! In another frying pan, brown the beef. Then stir in beef to marinara sauce. Do not heat sauce yet! Once pasta is done, strain it. While the pasta is straining, turn heat for the sauce in between low-medium and cover with a lid.

Once all pasta is strained, sauce is heated, and potatoes are golden brown with a crispy edging you may serve and enjoy! A simple and delicious meal!

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