Saturday, October 31, 2015

As October comes to a close, I felt it was necessary to share a bit about what this month has been like for me. Life became a checklist of tasks, events, and projects. Which is to be expected with another semester already half way complete, but the tasks themselves—the events, the projects—have been unexpected. I am taking on a lot more than I ever knew I could, and I'm actually doing well! I'm finding new directions my life could go, exploring new areas in writing I didn't know intrigued me, and revisiting the old to make something new.

Life was hard for a while (and always will be to some extent). I have classes and people that are stressing me out and overwhelming me with to-dos. But I am capable of handling it all. I am strong enough to handle whatever life throws my way. I am brave enough to try something new; to take on tasks I'm unfamiliar with. I am confident enough to find a job that makes me happy rather than a job that pays well quickly. Happiness pays off in the long run. I am passionate enough to to use my time in a way that will add value to not only my day but someone else's, too. I just need to remember all that sometimes.

Life is also a constant trip on a Tilt-A-Whirl. I'll be going one way with a piece I'm working on, then I'm whipped in the opposite direction. I'm spinning in circles around different blog posts I want to write and projects I want to work on. I slide back and forth between being miserably stressed and surprisingly happy. It can get stressful and irritating at times, but I also kind of like it because I'm being more creative than I ever have been. I'm more willing to try new things (well, to a point...let's not get too far out of the comfort zone just yet).

I also want to extend an apology to all who keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook. I haven't had the time or focus to be social lately. Life has been hectic. Schoolwork comes first followed by work, quality time with loved ones, blog posts, then social media. But don't think I've forgotten about you! I still love and miss joining in on chats regularly, reading other blog posts, commenting, and being a part of the blogging community. Once the semester ends, I'll have some time again to be actively social. I know fellow bloggers understand the craziness of keeping up with all blogging entails, but I still feel bad!

Now don't get me wrong. Life hasn't been all stress and exhaustion. There has been some good things as well! For starters, I turned 22 two weeks ago! Birthdays are always reason to celebrate, right? The week of my birthday I also celebrate five other birthdays in my family. It's a big ol' birthday bash! Also, I was lucky enough to celebrate my one year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend. I wrote about him in a previous post, "James." I am the luckiest girl alive to be loved by this man. October has always been a celebratory month for me, which is why it's basically my favorite month (:

So that's my life lately. How are all of you doing?

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sharing My Fiction

It's been a while since I shared some of my writings with you guys. I want to share a piece of flash fiction I have written that I'm debating turning into a short story. Let me know what you think!


Cab Drive

That September morning started out as the majority of others do in New York. Grande Dark Mocha at 8:00 am, and I reading the manuscript for the autobiography of John Graham, a CEO, I was to be meeting at 9:00. Even though I’ve read it almost a hundred times, I had to refresh my memory. I remember thinking, I don’t want to upset him, like the other publishers who turned him down. I want him to know he’s important to us. All I was going to do was a final fact check with him before I approved it to be published. If I got that done while maintaining this client’s trust, my day would have been successful. 

8:20 am; I picked up where I left off in the chapter on his family history as my cab was stuck in traffic. I could hear the multi-linguistic insults echoing the honks of too many cars. We drove one block every five minutes. I could see the time passing too fast for how slow traffic would allow. My mocha was lukewarm by then, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was going to be late. I don’t want John to think I’m standing him up at our meeting.

8:30 am; I had reached the end of his family history chapter and was moving on to learn about how he had come to work in worldwide trades. Little did either of us know, that business was about to take a drastic hit. My mocha was gone, and more profanity was sounding from the ornery drivers trying to get to work without being too late. I was beginning to be worried I wasn’t going to make it, I still had another fifteen minutes until our meeting and I was almost 4 blocks away. It’s not like I can get out and walk. I’m in my good heels, and I can’t read and walk at the same time in this city.
8:40 am; I was still nowhere near the south tower I was supposed to already have been walking in to. I start getting worried that John is going to cancel and go to Penguin Publishing Company. Besides, they were his first choice, but we just happened to be closest to his office. I’m glad he stayed with us; this autobiography will be one my best to have ever published. Maybe now I’ll get that partnership. If I ever get—

The cab stopped. The driver slammed the breaks and I saw a man in a suit and tie, carrying a briefcase, running across the street. Our cab almost hit him! The man had stopped and stared at me; we made eye contact for that quick second before he continued running. Huh, he must be running late too. 

8:45 am: I watched him run away and then stop dead in his tracks looking up. “What is he looking at?” I peer out the window at the sky that was becoming oddly dark.
That plane looks way too low…


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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Twenty-Two Birthdays

October 15th, 1993. Twenty-two years. Twenty-two birthdays. In that time, I have learned a few things. I still have much more to learn, but I've learned some valuable life lessons. So, in honor of my twenty-second birthday, I decided to share twenty-two things I have learned.
  1. Life is hard, but it has to be in order to appreciate the good/easy things.
  2. Love is not always enough. You've gotta put in the effort for someone you love.
  3. Love is worth the effort.
  4. Doing what makes you happy should be a main priority.
  5. Making little money at a job you love is better than making a lot of money at a job you hate.
  6. Pizza, chicken strips, and fries are an unavoidable weakness.
  7. It's actually okay to speak your mind. 
  8. Being skinny is different than being healthy. Choose the healthy option.
  9. It's really hard to be healthy in today's society.
  10. Life goes on. Whether or not you want it to.
  11. Failure is inevitable, and that's okay.
  12. Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes confident.
  13. Friends come and go. So do boys.
  14. Dreams and plans change. A lot.
  15.  Nothing lasts forever.
  16. Alcohol is not as huge of a deal as it seems when growing up.
  17. Adults don't always know what they're doing. So you don't have to either.
  18. It actually is harder to remember stuff the older you get. At least it is for me.
  19. There is literally a world of opportunity out there to experience.
  20. It's okay to have more than area of interest. It's a great thing to be well-rounded.
  21. It gets harder to find time for leisurely activities, like reading, as you get older.
  22. Being exactly who you are is a thousand times better than being anyone else.

There you have it! Twenty-two things I have learned in my twenty-two years. There is so much more I've learned, but that could be a novel in itself. 

Until next time,

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Homemade Meat Sauce & Sauteed Red Potatoes: College Kid Style

Today I want to share another one of my favorite recipes on a college budget: homemade(ish) meat sauce and sauteed red potatoes. Delicious!

I'm one of the biggest pasta fans you will ever meet. So I have a ton of meals that involve pasta. This meal is simple, tasty, and cheap!

Remember: I do not do measurements. I eyeball everything and add what ever I think will taste good. So use your best judgement and have some fun cooking dinner! Also, I buy the Great Value (or cheapest version) of all ingredients because I'm on a college student budget.

Pasta (of your choice)
Marinara sauce (I usually get the Great Value Traditional Marinara)
Ground beef (however much you want to have)
Basil and Oregano spices (again, Great Value brand is actually "great")
Red Potatoes
Olive Oil

First, you will want to chunk your potatoes however big you want them to be. Just keep in mind the bigger the potatoes the longer they'll take to saute. Once the potatoes are cut, you'll want to add them to a heated frying pan and add enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Top the potatoes with a spoonful of butter and some basil and oregano spices.

Leave the potatoes to fry until the bottoms are brown and crispy, then flip and repeat on the other side. Be sure to stir the potatoes around so they cook evenly. This will take a long time depending on the size/thickness of the potatoes, so this process will happen while browning beef and boiling pasta (below).

While the potatoes are frying, bring salt water for pasta to a boil and add however much olive oil to the water as you desire. This is to keep the pasta from sticking to itself and for some flavor. Add the pasta and boil until soft enough to cut with a fork easily.

While boiling pasta, in a sauce pan pour the marinara sauce and add basil and oregano spices. Do not heat sauce yet! In another frying pan, brown the beef. Then stir in beef to marinara sauce. Do not heat sauce yet! Once pasta is done, strain it. While the pasta is straining, turn heat for the sauce in between low-medium and cover with a lid.

Once all pasta is strained, sauce is heated, and potatoes are golden brown with a crispy edging you may serve and enjoy! A simple and delicious meal!

Until next time,

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Equality in 2015

Alright, this is going to be another mini-rant post about something I've been thinking about a lot. So if rant posts aren't your favorite, or you're easily offended, I'd stop reading and come back next week for the next post. Thanks (:

It has been about three weeks since we remembered the anniversary of 9/11. However, as the days went by we stopped thinking about it and went back to hating others.

Why is it that we come together as a nation on days like 9/11 and treat each other like normal human beings. But 9/12 rolls around and we go back to hating people and treating different races like aliens?

We shouldn't pick and choose the days we treat everyone as Americans. Everyone deserves to be treated equally every second of every day. So why don't we do that? Why is that so hard for people to understand?

People say they were "raised that way" or "it's too late to change." But if you are able to recognize the need for a change, it is never too late to make it. You may not be able to change other people, but you certainly can change your view of those people.

I don't know about anyone else, but I've been over this whole "racism" and "inequality" thing for...umm...ever. This is 2015, why is this still an issue? We claim to be a country that believes all people are created equal. So start acting like it, please.

Until next time,

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