Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Gibberish's First Anniversary!

Guys! Guys! Guys! It has been exactly one year! Read my very first post!

On August 19th, 2014 I decided to do something crazy. I started a blog to release all the thoughts and randomness inside my head. I decided to call it "My Gibberish" because it began as something where I could just blabber on about whatever came to my mind; to me, that's what gibberish is: a bunch of random thoughts that may or may not mean something to other people.

Original header
Well, one year later I have fallen in love with it! I started out posting every single day of the week. Then the semester started so I went to only Monday-Friday posts. Then I started getting busier and forgetting about it and posted whenever I remembered. Finally I went down to not posting at all. Life got in the way and I took time away from blogging to deal with it. Months went by and I was not in any condition to write just yet. April 2015 rolled around and I started it back up. I had recovered as best as I could, and I needed another outlet.

Newest header
Now, it has developed into a blog where I share who I am, what thoughts or rants I have, and any advice I can provide through personal experiences. I want to become a voice for those who are too scared to share theirs. I was that voiceless person for as long as I could remember, and I have decided I won't be any longer. There are people going through some pretty rough times, and I want them to be aware that they are not alone. So, I'll continue to share my stories and how I got through them in hopes of helping even a single person. That, to me, is the best way I could use this blog.

I have had some comments in regards to the name "My Gibberish" in that it sounds like I don't find value in what I have to say. That is quite the opposite. I am proud to call my thoughts my own. To some people, it may be gibberish and that's okay, but I have "My" in the title because I am claiming my thoughts. I am saying "this is me and these are my thoughts." So, I will keep my name and I will proudly own my thoughts and opinions.

Anyway, I am beyond happy to have had "My Gibberish" in my life this past year. It has shown me a whole 'nother community of people out there who can provide support and motivation for me. The blogging world has been a God send to say the least. I look forward to seeing where this will take me in the future.

So, thank you to everyone who has supported me in my first year of blogging! Without my readers, this would just be an online diary not a way to share my story and grow from it. I love you all!

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