Monday, November 3, 2014


I have another best friend I would like to introduce. Let's call her Ariel. She has long, curly, red hair, and we met through our love of dance. We didn't know at the time that we shared mutual friends, but we did know we lived in the same building. After leaving Ballroom Dance Club one night, we walked back to our dorm together and talked about dance and how much we miss it since being in college. After a few weeks of this, we realized we had a mutual friend, who I will introduce in a future post (I still need a name for her). As time went on, Ariel became a part of our friendship group and we've all been inseperable since.

Ariel and I connected on a dance level that none of the other girls can understand fully. We work out together to help each other get stronger and stay in shape away from dance. We can reminisce on our old recitals, teachers, students, dances we've done, etc. That's something I didn't know I was going to need in a friend here, and I'm very grateful for that.

Ariel is always here for me no matter the time, and vice versa. It could be two in the morning, one of us is having a meltdown, and we will stay up until the other has calmed down or fallen asleep. That's just how we are. She would easily do this for any one of our friends, no questions asked. That is something I admire about her. She will drop whatever she is doing to help a friend in need.

I will miss her so incredibly much when life takes us our separate ways, but I know we have a lifelong friendship that can't be broken by distance. Besides, who else is going to do my hair and nails for me? I love her like a sister, and I always will.

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