Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Timing is Everything

Time is a funny thing, isn't it? It goes by slowly as you live in the moment, but you take a look back and all of a sudden 21 years have gone by. Time and I usually agree on most things. However, timing has not been on my side lately. I'm finally doing what makes me happy, and I'm figuring out what I want and need to do in my life. It's the matter of "when" that makes it so difficult.

My choice to study abroad next year is extremely exciting and absolutely what I need in my life. However, the timing of it seems to be progressively worsening. It started out as something small, just a possible relationship where I'd be gone for a semester or a full year. Which, sucks but is nothing to deter me from going abroad. Then it was missing out on my best friends' big moments in their lives, like birthdays and such. I want to be here for them, but I need to go to Ireland. Then it was the fact that I wouldn't see my family for that long or even over Christmas break if I chose to stay the full year. This made me want to stay and be here with my family and friends. However, I know I need to take up this opportunity. Then, I had a big realization the other night. By going to Ireland, I forfeit my chance to see my oldest brother get married next September. That is huge to me. I'm already going a year without seeing him because he is stationed over seas. Throw in going to Ireland and that makes it almost two years or more without seeing him. I may not get to talk to my oldest brother a lot, but I love him, he's still my family, and I want to be at his wedding. However, I know I still need to go to Ireland. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So you see, time is not agreeing with me right now. Hopefully I'm making the right decision here by going abroad next year. I feel like I am. I just will be missing out on a ton of things. I suppose that's life, right?

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