Monday, October 6, 2014


My friend, let's call her...Steve (yes, I know that's a boy's name, but she wanted me to call her Steve). Steve is the athletic type. She rarely wears, what my friend's call a "boob shirt". That's a shirt that is a V-neck or has any neckline lower than a typical T-shirt. She is always in baller shorts, and her hair is always in a ponytail and headband. Aside from the 24/7 athletic attire, she's truly a beautiful person.

Steve loves life and knows how to make anyone laugh. She's incredibly talented at  softball and basketball. She is very smart when it comes to every subject I despise. Steve can even rap every single word to Thrift Shop by Macklemore! I don't know many girls who can do that. 

If you ever need someone to listen to all of your life's drama with no judgement, call up Steve. She is always willing to let me vent about anything on my mind. She is such a great listener, and even though she may not always be able to relate, she  does her best to give me sound advice. 

When I told Steve about me studying in Ireland next year, I could tell she genuinely wishes I was staying. I never expected her, or anyone really, to miss having me around. She reminds me at least once a day that "[she doesn't] know what [she's] going to do without me for a whole semester, possibly a year." It's nice to know I will be missed by her. I hope she's aware that I will miss her too. She's been a great friend this past year, and I couldn't imagine life without her.

I couldn't imagine life without any of my girls. Don't worry ladies, I will write a separate post about each of you. Steve got to me first. I love all of you ladies!

For the readers who aren't these ladies I'm talking about, I hope you get a sense of how fantastic they are. I sincerely hope you find the equivalent of these ladies in your own lives.

Until next time,

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