Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Road Trip

Have you ever wanted to just get away? Wake up one morning, get in the car, and leave. That's one of the items on my bucket list. I want to wake up one morning, play hooky from whatever I had planned for that day and just drive away. I want to find a road that I don't know where it goes and find out where I end up. I used to do that all the time throughout high school. I would find roads in my hometown that I didn't know where they lead, and I'd drive until I wanted to turn around. That was one of the best therapy sessions I could create for myself.

It's not that I want to up and leave my life. I like my life, for the most part. I wouldn't change any part of it for the world. It has made me who I am.

I just have those days when I would love to leave for a day or two and not tell anyone about it. Spur of the moment road trips almost always turn out to be some of the best memories. Whether I'm by myself or have company, some of my fondest memories have been road trips.

The summer after I graduated high school, I would spend an entire day driving to small towns that I had never heard of. Those turned out to be some of my favorite places. I would wake up, text a friend to see if he or she was free for the day. If he or she was, I'd pick them up and have a road trip companion. If not, I drove alone. Those road trips made me so incredibly happy, and they helped clear my head of whatever issues I had going on at the time.

Nowadays I find myself wishing I had my van with me. I would love to wake up and go for a drive. Maybe I'd surprise my family by showing up and spending the day with them. Maybe I'd end up in St. Louis or Nashville. I know I loved those places when I went there as a child. I'd say it's about time I go back for a visit.

Unfortunately, this is not an option for me just yet. However, the second this becomes available, you can bet I won't think twice about it. I want to check this off my bucket list, but most of all, I could use a long drive to clear my head every now and then. Doesn't that sound perfect? It does to me.

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