Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Read this quote. Read it again so you completely understand it. My great uncle shared this picture on Facebook this morning. Never have I ever needed to hear/read something so much in my life. I absolutely love that this quote is encouraging those who have talents but are average at said talents. Embrace what qualities you posses no matter who else can perform them better. 

I struggle with this concept; I always have. I am the kind of person who has many talents. However, I'm very average at all of them. This always discouraged me from showing other people what I can do. I was never the all star volleyball player, the prima ballerina, the musical genius, or the world's best writer. I was never the best teacher ever or most efficient worker. I never wanted to show people what I could do because I wasn't that great at it. I didn't want to be judged or made fun of for being such an average girl. Still to this day I struggle with this. I am getting better, but I'm still struggling.

After I read this quote, I instantly knew what I wanted to write about this morning. I want my readers to realize the truth in this. You may not be the world's greatest at whatever it is you do. You may actually be kind of bad at whatever it is you do. Do not let that stop you from doing it! If it makes you happy, and if it makes you feel like yourself, then keep on doing it. Be who you are without fear of judgement from other people. Be proud of yourself for having the guts to keep up a hobby or a certain lifestyle because of your talent. 

A few years ago, at dance, I came up with a quote that I intend on using for the rest of my life:

"Never let your performance
define your passion."

Basically, what I meant by this was to never base your love for whatever talent you have off of how well you can do it. Don't let anything deter you from pursuing your dreams. Nothing. Keep at it, and eventually you may become something you never expected to be. I'm still learning this, and I'm beyond excited to see where I end up in life with my many average talents.

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