Thursday, October 2, 2014


The motivation to do something is failing me. I have things I should be getting done this morning, but I'm laying in bed. All I want to do is stay here all day. I want to read a good book, listen to some music, maybe watch some Netflix, and just be unproductive. My bed is extra comfortable today, and it's asking me not to leave. Can I stay? 

I'm lacking the energy it takes to make myself get up. I'm too comfy. I suppose we all have those days, right? Responsibility doesn't sound like something I want. It's not that I'm upset or sad. I'm actually very happy and am feeling peaceful right now. I want to enjoy this feeling for as long as possible. I know it won't last as long as I'd like, but I will enjoy it while it's here.

Maybe once I finish this post I will have more motivation to get up. If I'm able to check one thing off my to-do list, I should be able to check off another, right? Let's hope!

Well, I hope you have a more productive day than I do! 

Until next time,

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