Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life's Uncertainty

As I sit here sipping my hot apple cider, I can't help but wonder where I am going to be in the next two years. I will be graduating in two years, but I can't help but be curious where I will be going in life at that point. Nothing in life ever goes according to plan. There is always something that changes slightly and completely alters the future. Will I have something like that happen to me?

I'm studying abroad next year, will that change who my friends are or who I end up dating or not dating? Will that change what I want to do with my life? I hope not, but it could happen. Now, I'm not sitting here playing the "what if" game. I'm simply allowing my mind to accept any and all possibilities for my future. I could end up loving Ireland so much that I stay another year, and who knows, maybe I'd end up wanting to live there. I've always thought it'd be a great change of pace to live abroad. I have no idea how I'd afford that, but I certainly would love it!

I'm graduating in two years, will that change who my friends are or who I end up with? Will I still be pursuing a career in editing or publishing? I sure hope I will be, but you never know what will show up out of nowhere and appeal to me. Will I find a job in Wisconsin? Will I still be in the Midwest? Will I end up moving to New York like I think will happen? Will I even find a job in editing or publishing right out of college? Probably not, but I will try my hardest to! Will I still be in touch with my girls after graduation? Will I be in a relationship with anyone? Will I have a set plan or will I be winging it? These are things I am contemplating right now.

Now, just because I have all these questions about my future, does not mean I want an answer to them. I want them to remain questions until life answers them naturally. That's what makes this time in my life so exciting, the uncertainty of my plans. Not knowing where I will end up is kind of relieving, which is strange for me because I'm such a planner. I like to have everything planned out and know exactly when something will happen. However, when it comes to my life and its plans, I like not knowing. It gives me something to work towards and something to figure out.

I can't wait to see what life has in store for me!

Until next time,

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