Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween! In honor of today, I will share my top five favorite costumes I've worn in my lifetime. There is no order to these except as they come to mind. (This will be a short post because I'm pressed for time.)

1.) Cowgirl: When I wad about five or six I was a cowgirl. Braids, freckles, red hat, and all. 

2.) Witch: When I was even younger, I had a witch costume made for me. The cape was my favorite because it was black and had silver sparkly spider webs all over it!

3.) Ballerina: This was an easy one to come up with considering I have tons of tutus and leotards to choose from! There were probably a couple years I did this because I was lacking creativity.

4.) Barbie: Senior year of high school I wore my step-mom's old prom dress which was a short pink flowery dress. I straightened my hair (it was super long at that time), I wore heels and did my makeup (which was rare for me at that point). 

5.) Taylor Swift: Last year I was lacking in money and creativity. So, I threw on a black dress, red tights, cowgirl boots, red lipstick, and I used my hair brush as a microphone. People always say I look like T-Swift, so I figured why not? 

There you have it! My top five favorite Halloween costumes I've worn in my lifetime. Have a great Halloween everyone! Be safe.

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