Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Godson <3

Blank Canvas

Tiny miracle baby,
He is a perfectly blank canvas.
At one day old nothing
Has caused color to be added.

Tiny miracle baby,
I pray he won't be painted 
With the purple and black splotches I posses.

Tiny miracle baby,
How I wish him to be painted
With shining yellows and reds.
With a green of nature and 
blue of peace.

Tiny miracle baby,
Will his canvas be as blank as mine?
Will he have that much hidden of himself?

Tiny miracle baby,
Paint yourself a rainbow.

This is a poem I wrote for Creative Writing last week. We were to write about the last time we were in a hospital and combine it with a list of how we would paint ourselves on a canvas. 

This is about my beautiful Godson. I absolutely adore him. He is about a month old now, and the pictures I am sent every day make me smile. I long to hold him once again. I haven't seen him in person since the day of his birth. 

This tiny miracle came in to the world and grabbed hold of every heart that came near him. I cannot wait to see him again in about a month! 

Auntie loves you buddy!

Until next time,

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