Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Things to Never Say to a Girl

Last weekend a guy friend of mine said something to me that made me angry with him. This has got me thinking about all the things guys should never say to a girl. Saying certain things are guaranteed a negative response. So, here are five
things you should never say to a girl:

 (I apologize in advanced for any language that may offend you).

1. You shouldn't be mad about that.
Never tell us we can't be mad about something. There is probably a damn good reason we're mad about "that". We are female. We will have strong emotions at times. By telling us we should not be mad about something will make us even more mad. So save yourself the drama, let us fume for a while, and leave it alone.

2. I hate when girls where makeup.
Good for you. We don't wear makeup for you. We wear makeup to feel better about ourselves and to enhance our natural features. Now, I will understand if you say "I hate when girls wear too much makeup," because, let's be honest, no one enjoys looking at a face that looks like a crayola factory. There are girls out there that need to learn the trick to wearing makeup (make it look like you aren't wearing any). Aside from "those" girls, stop telling us you don't like when we wear makeup. It's not on to please you. So back off. 

3. You take way too long to get ready.
Result of makeup and taking my time to get ready...Worth it.
Do you even understand how annoying it is to hear that?! We have a lot of stuff we need to get done in order to look remotely feminine for a night out. Again, we mostly take all that time to feel better about ourselves, not for you sake all the time. Sometimes yes, but not all the time. First, we have to shower. That includes shampoo, conditioner, shaving, face wash, and body wash. That stuff takes a good 15-20 minutes. Then we have to figure out what we want to wear. What is going to make us look our best and still be somewhat comfortable? That takes about 10 minutes. Then we have to dry our hair, and if you have hair like mine, that is going to be a feat in itself. That could take about another 10 minutes. After our hair is dry we have to style it by either straightening or curling it, maybe a cute braid or a fancy ponytail? Depending on what we choose to do with our hair that could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. If you have hair like mine, straightening takes about 20 minutes and curling takes up to an hour and a half. Then we have to put our makeup on (refer to number two for any comments about not needing it). That's another 5-10 minutes. Then we have to put on our deodorant, perfume, jewelry, shoes, and find a purse to match. That's another couple of minutes. All together that takes us relatively two and a half hours total to get ready. Now, to a guy that sounds obnoxious and like too much work. Even to some girls who aren't as girly as others that sounds like too much. However, for those of us who go through this regularly, it makes total sense. We want to feel our best when we go out, and in order for that to happen we need to look our best as well. So, guys next time you decide to complain about us taking too long, remember what all we have to do and just be patient. Either suck it up and get used to it, or don't even bother.

4. You always pick your girlfriends over me.
Stop. Just stop right there. 1.) No we do not. Not ALWAYS. 2.) You choose your guys over us at times as well. So just don't even go there. Just as you guys have bros before hoes, us girls have chicks before dicks. A lot of girls actually make plans in advanced, and we would like to spend time with our best friends. If that's not okay with you, then you can get out of the picture. Us girls will never let a guy come between our friendships. Besides, we would rather have girl talk than watch you play video games with your friends all night. Some nights it's entertaining to watch you play your games, but not every single time we come over. So yes, we choose to see our girlfriends occasionally instead of you. Just deal with it. Don't get mad at us for wanting to have fun. Haven't you ever heard that 80s song (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)?

5. You're not strong enough.
Oh, if you wanna piss off a girl quickly, say this when we're carrying something. There is a BIG difference between wanting to genuinely help a girl out and calling us fragile little weaklings. Just because I am not ripped with biceps and triceps like you are does not mean I cannot carry this 50 pound bag. Girls do not develop muscles the same way as you "manly men" do. We still can be just as strong, it just doesn't show the same way. So please do us all a favor and stop calling women weak. We can knock your lights out a lot harder than you seem to think. Okay? Thanks.

These are just some of the things guys should never say to us girls. It will save a lot time, drama, and pain. End of story.

Until next time,

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