Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Do you ever have those dreams that completely confuse you when you wake up? Those dreams that you aren't sure if it's reality or not? You have to wake up, check the date or text someone to ask them if it's real? Sometimes, those dreams are the best. Other times, it can throw your whole day for a loop.

I had one of those dreams last night. However, I'm not able to fix it by checking the date or asking someone if it was real. Those aren't really options for me right now. It doesn't help that today is kind of a gloomy day, so it's not like my mood can be improved by the weather. I am left here thinking about that dream and what it means. It's mornings that start off like this that encourage my lack of motivation to increase. I want to go back to sleep and finish that dream even though I know that's impossible.

Isn't it crazy how one dream can change your whole outlook on things? One day you can be so sure of the direction life is headed, then you have a dream that confuses you and suddenly you are questioning everything. It's so strange to me that that can happen. It makes me wonder what will I dream tonight? Will I dream the exact opposite, and then my outlook will go back to normal? Does that happen?

I'm full of questions without answers this morning. I am off to class to hopefully get my mind refocused. Have a good one!

Until next time,

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