Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dance Teacher

Today I am wearing a shirt that says on the back "Some people only dream of meeting their favorite dancer, I teach mine." I absolutely love this shirt because it's completely true. I may not be a teacher while I'm away at school, but I am forever a teacher at heart.

My students were my everything. I taught the majority of them when they were four or five years old, until they were nine or ten. The amount of growth I witnessed in these young dancers made me incredibly proud. I got to watch them go from the energetic students who just wanted to jump around to the slightly calmer students who actually wanted to become a better dancer.

I think of my students so much more than I would've ever thought. They brought so much joy to my life throughout my high school and partially college careers. They taught me so much about myself as a teacher, dancer, and a person in general. Those kids tested my patience daily, and they frustrated me a lot. Those times of frustration could never outshine the wonderful memories they gave me.

I remember watching a dancer struggle to figure out a new step. She never gave up, she kept doing it over and over again even though she was getting it wrong. I helped her break it down step by step. She followed along, and we gradually sped it up. After a while of speeding it up to the full speed, she finally got it. Her face lit up like the fourth of July. She did a little happy dance, and after that day she showed it to everyone who talked to her. No amount of annoyance could top the satisfaction of watching my students master a concept they never expected to.

On my last day teaching them, before I went away to school, my students made me cry. They all drew pictures for me and wrote letters. They gave me a giant group hug, and they reminded me how loved I was and how dearly they were going to miss me. Little did they know, I miss them a whole lot more than they miss me. They are going to grow up with a ton of different dance teachers, I will just be another one to them. However, to me those dancers will forever be a part of my heart.

If you couldn't tell, I am going through dance deprivation. I'm missing it terribly. I can't wait to go back to the studio and visit them all.

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