Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I have a confession to make. *Deep breath* I, Kay, am an impulse shopper. There I said it. I am an impulse shopper. However, I do not make frivolous purchases that are things I can get from a cheaper store or completely unimportant. I am an impulse book shopper.

Whenever there is a bookstore or a book section in a department store, I have to go look! I have to see if my favorite authors have published any new novels. I have to see if there are any new authors I need to read up on. I have to see what the new top selling books are that I should be reading.

I cannot help myself! I am drawn to books. If Danielle Steel has a new book out that I have not bought yet, I gotta have it! If Mitch Albom's latest page turner comes out, I need it! Lately, if John Green has another fantastic book that I have yet to hear of, it has to be mine!

Now, I see no problem with this impulse buy until I get home and see that I still have all these other books that I need to read yet. I have books with bookmarks still in them, because I got distracted by a new book for a while. This is a problem. My library isn't getting read as quickly as it grows.

I know I will eventually read all of my books. It just may take a lot longer than anticipated. All due to my impulse book shopping.

Phew. I'm glad I got that out in the open! Not that it was much of a secret to anyone who has gone shopping with me, but now it's on the internet.

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